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Digital Marketing:

  • Strategy & Business Development
  • Digital Publicity / Online Promotions
  • Social Media Marketing & Management
  • Grassroots Marketing (Seeding, Social Community, Virtual)
  • Contesting / Sweepstakes / Database Building
  • Media Planning & Advertising Buys (full mix of media platforms)
  • Email Marketing / Database Management
  • Digital “Street” Teams (Development & Management)
  • Digital Sales & Distribution

Design & Development:

  • Web & Mobile Site Design & Development
  • Creative Direction / Art Direction
  • Digital Marketing Tools (Banner Ads, HTML emails, Social Media
  • Skins, Media Kits, Micro-Sites, One Sheets, Ad-Mattes, Posters)
  • Video Content (Ads, EPK’s, Lyric Videos)
  • Application Design & Development (Facebook / iPhone / iPad / Android)
  • Widgets & Interactive Marketing Tools
  • Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.)

about us

BrightShop is a New York City based digital marketing and production shop. Cultivated from established marketing agencies and executives, BrightShop’s staff is a “super group” of digital marketers with brand and entertainment client experience.

We innovate, create, design, manage, and execute fully customized digital media products, services, and marketing campaigns to help clients meet strategic goals. Our point of difference is our execution. We’re committed to an all hands on deck approach to every campaign and will passionately share your goals and objectives, while bringing our fresh approach to engage your target audience.

BrightShop is a division of Primary Wave Music, one of the largest independent music publishing, marketing and talent management companies in the United States. Primary Wave is supported by a wide array of complementary businesses and departments including television, brand sponsorships, games, touring events, recorded music, and talent management.



A Great Big World Release “Already Home” on VEVO & Become April’s MTV Artist To Watch

A Great Big World “Already Home” premieres on VEVO today and the MTV Artist To Watch campaign starts for the weeks of April 21st and April 28th!
VEVO: http://www.vevo.com/watch/USSM21400547
MTV: http://www.mtv.com/artists/a-great-big-world…
Big things happening in 2014 for these boys!

Facebook Takes Tagged Posts To A New Level

New change to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm means brands will have greater reach than ever!

Read more:

Mashable Introduces NightBus’ Interactive 3-way Stereo Music Video

Check out NightBus‘ interactive music video that introduces the 3-way stereo experience via Mashable. It’s quite easily the future of the music video!



    Insta-411: The Best Practices in Instagram

    Do you think before you Instagram? Or do you just mindlessly play with filters and captions hoping that your last upload will hit the follower jackpot.  Maybe you’re more concerned about the 2 likes that awesome photo of you sky diving received?
    BrightShop’s “Insta-411″ is here to help!

    • Most activity with your photo/videos will happen in the first few hours,

    Best Practices In Social Media: YouTube

    You view, you comment, you share? If only all the videos you uploaded on YouTube had active followers repeating this cycle routinely. Have no fear. This weeks ‘Best Practices In Social Media: YouTube edition’, will insure that your followers are repeating this cycle. Already have an active audience? These tips will re-insure that you are doing everything you can to

    Best Practices In Social Media: Platform Consistency

    It seems like every week a new social media platform is the “must have” to add to your already existing roster of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. But before you go diving head first into the latest platform, you should think about how your current social media platforms are fairing. Think of social media as quality over quantity… and above all