How to Write a Well Designed News Letter

Before you write your news letter, be sure to read THIS!!

Social Media New Years Resolutions

Here are some things you can do for your social media channels while heading into 2016!

  1. Post more visuals
  2. Create more original content
  3. Engage users by talking to the and creating call to action posts
  4. Find out what time of day is best to post for your fans
  5. Create brand specific hashtags
  6. Optimize your posts by using the right dimensions for each platform
  7. Make sure your posts/advertisements look good on mobile devices

How to increase engagement on Twitter

1. Use less than 110 characters

2. Tweet on Saturday and Sunday

3. Tweet during daytime hours

4. Share images

5. Use Hashtags

6. Ask for retweets

7. Follow relevant accounts

8. Include links

9. Send 1-4 tweets a day

10. Send call to action tweets

How To Increase Your Instagram Followers

1. Like hundreds of random pictures from your target audience

2. Use relevant hashtags

3. Promote your Instagram on your other social media accounts

4. Hold contests on Instagram

5. Comment on other people’s photos

6. Post photos at 2am or 5pm, these are the most effective times to post

7. Quality beats quantity, go through your account and delete your bad photos

8. Complete your bio

9. Use the Mayfair filter, it has been proven to be the most effective filter

10. Ask questions in your captions

11. Post on Sundays, less people post on Sunday than any other day so this will help your photos be seen

12. Use call to actions in your captions

13. Post often (but don’t sacrifice the quality)

14. Ask an influencer to tag or mention you

15. Create a branded hashtag so your brand is visible in one place

No, Facebook isn’t going to start charging to keep your information private

Rumor has it that Facebook is about to start charging $9/month to keep your information private, don’t worry-it’s a hoax.  There is absolutely no truth to these rumors, your private information is save, and Facebook isn’t about to start charging you.  If you see a post about this in your stream, don’t share it, and let your friends know that they have nothing to worry about!



How to share your Snapchat code

Have you ever noticed the little dots around your Shapchat Ghost? That is your Snapcode, a code that you can use to direct people to your Snapchat account.

When someone scans your Snapcode with their Snapchat app they will be able to follow you directly.  If you want to direct people to your Snapchat from your website, download your Snapcode HERE, then place it on your website! It will look similar to the image below.

Happy Snapping!

Social Media Dimensions Guide 2015

Wondering what size photos to use for Facebook and Twitter? Wonder no longer!

4 Ways You Can Use Advertising and Paid Media Efforts on Instagram

Are you posting your brand’s pictures on Instagram but you want a way to take your insta-advertising to the next level? Keep reading!


1. Host an Instagram Giveaway!

Instagram doesn’t have very many promotional rules (at least when compared to Facebook.)  The only rules are to 1. acknowledge that the business’s promotion is no way promoted/sponsored by Instagram, and 2. don’t inaccurately tag content or encourage users to inaccurately tag content.



Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 10.56.50 AM

2. Invite an Influencer to “takeover” Your Brand’s Instagram Account

A guest Instagrammer is a great way to get new relevant followers to find your account.  Invite someone with a large following in your industry to take over your account for 1-3 days, and have them post on their own Instagram telling their followers that they will be posting from your brand’s account for the next few days.  Here is an example of when a NYC based fashion blogger took over Amazon Fashion’s Instagram account.

3. Pay Influencers to Post About Your Brand

Many Instagrammers pay other Instagrammer with larger followings to post about their brand.  In one example a brand found that every time a model posted about their account, roughly .2% o the model’s following started to follow the brand’s account.  Just make sure when you are partnering with the right accounts.  For example, fitness model Jen Selter is often paid (up to $50,000/post) to post pictures with fitness supplements.

4. Include Instagram in Your Partnership Agreements

If your business is starting a partnership with an influencer, it can help if both parties announce the new product or promotion on Instagram.  For example, both parties can agree on a number of brand-related Instagram posts over a specific period of time.   You and your partner can also agree on specific hashtags, call to actions, etc. to go in the copy of the posts.

BREAKING NEWS! You no longer have to be Square!


Did you know that you can now post landscape and portrait pictures on Instagram? Click HERE for more details!

12 Reasons Why Your Instagram Isn’t Doing So Well

insta web


1. Your photos aren’t good quality 

Instagram gives everyone the ability to take photos like the pros, so don’t post y our burry pictures! There are too many other accounts with crystal clear pictures that your followers will go to if yours aren’t up to par!

2. You don’t have a niche

Your followers should know what to expect (to an extent) when you post a picture.  Find your niche, and own it.  Your followers are following your for a reason.  This doesn’t mean you can only post about one thing, just treat your Instagram like you are building a brand and have some consistency.

3. You aren’t tagging relevant accounts

Tag everything. Tag your friends that are in your photos, tag the movie you’re going to see and the actors in the movie you’re going to see, tag the places you are, etc!  This is one of the best ways to make sure the right people see your photos.

4. You include links in the comment

Links aren’t clickable on Instagram, so don’t use them! No one is going to memorize your URL or copy and paste it into their browser, so save them the frustration, and don’t use links.

5. You aren’t posting consistently

Be consistent in how you post, if you post 3 times a day usually, stick to that.  But you cannot post 10 times in one day then post nothing for two weeks.  Never posting, or bombarding your followers with posts, are two great ways to get unfollowed!

6. You aren’t using relevant hashtags

Use relevant hashtags.  Key word: RELEVANT! Don’t just add every hashtag under the sun on every post, but make sure you are using hashtags.  Creating your own hashtags to have your photos in one place is great, i.e. if your band “The Tree” plays a show in January of 2015 you could create the hashtag #TheTreeJan2016 and use it on all of your photos from that show, but this will not get your new followers. Use hashtags other people look for to gail new followers: i.e. #Band #LiveMusic #NewMusic #Music #Guitar #Drums #2016 #Jan2016 etc.

7. You aren’t interacting with your audience

Social media isn’t a one way dialog.  You need to be actively engaging with your followers.  Take some time every day to go through your followers/the people you are following and like/comment on their posts. Your effort will be rewarded with more followers and a more open dialog.

8. You aren’t editing your photos

Don’t rely on the built in filters! Instagram has an entire photo editing platform now, use it! Play with the contrast, brightness, color, shadows, etc! Once your photo has been touched up, then start to play with the filters.  This will make your photos look more professional instantly!

9. Your account is private

People want to see what they are getting before they follow you.  If you are a business, artist, band or anyone who wants to grow their brand online, your profiles can NOT be private! Having your profile private is like telling your fans to purchase your album without even giving them a sample, this is 2015, people need their free stuff first.

10. You don’t show your face 

People want to know who YOU are! Yes, they want to know what you had for lunch as well, but you can’t ONLY show them what you’re eating.  While creating a personal brand on your page, especially as an artist/band, people need to feel like they are getting a more personal connection to you.  Anyone can take a picture of the Statue of Liberty, but only you can take a picture with YOU in it.

11. Not writing a caption

Be personable with your audience. Tell them what your picture is of and give them a reason to care about it! Just remember, don’t use links! (They don’t go anywhere!)

12. You aren’t following the right people

Never let your following/followers ratio get more than 1.5/1, and be sure that you are following the right accounts.  You should be following people who inspire you and give you ideas for your own Instagram, and people who are interested in the same content that you are posting to increase your engagement. Don’t expect everyone to just follow you magically if you aren’t following anyone.


Happy Instagramming!




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