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If you’ve stumbled across a roughly cut video of a teenager lip syncing to Justin Bieber, chances are it was made on

Since hitting the top spot on the U.S. App Store last July, the breakout app has seen huge traction across Europe, Canada and Australia. It has even spawned its own roster of celebrities, who rack up millions of views and likes each day. lets users — or “Musers” — create and share homemade music videos that last up to 15 seconds.

They can sing a cappella, or lip sync along to its library of sound clips, which range from pop songs to comedy dialogue and even the voices of other users.

Like Instagram and Snapchat, the app has rudimental editing tools which let users speed up or slow down their clips and overlay different filters over the top.

Once they are shared, friends can like and comment on these song clips, which play over and over in a loop. The more attention they get, the more likely it is the algorithm will spit them out on other users’ feeds — which combine Musers they follow with the app’s featured and suggested content.